Board of Directors

A-Vu is priviledged to have a serving Board of Directors with a depth and breadth of experience encompassing healthcare administration, healthcare law, broadband services, technology development, venture fund-raising and new business development. Their indiviidual contributions to economic growth, community infrastructure development and particularly healthcare management have had considerable positive impact at local, state and national levels.

Steve Coleman

Mr. Coleman brings 15 years of corporate business development experience at 3M, Procter & Gamble and Pillsbury and more than 25 years of experience as an advisor to owners of privately held businesses.   Since 1982, Mr. Coleman has served family business owners and leaders facing the challenges of growth planning, managing market changes, new business development, succession planning and owner transitions.

Mr. Coleman works primarily with family business owners and leaders as a Transition Consultant to:

    -  Develop family vision and long range business strategy
    -  Assess transition readiness for owners and businesses
    -  Guide owner/leader transition and succession plans
    -  Facilitate business leader sabbaticals
    -  Initiate change processes within organizations who want to grow
    -  Lead teams in new business development implementation

Mr. Coleman has worked with more than 300 clients since 1982.  His industry experience includes technology services, distribution systems, manufacturing, international trade and health care.  He has served as president of a manufacturing and international distribution company where he led a successful turnaround and recapitalization under new ownership and managed the post-merger integration.  Mr. Coleman also has experience with business restructuring and new business ventures.  He holds a BS in Marketing and an MBA from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management.  He has grown children and grandchildren, and is a committed leader in professional, community and church endeavors.  He serves as a board director for four manufacturing and technology businesses as well as two community serving ...

Our Vision

By enabling healthcare providers and combining access to telemedicine, entertainment and communication services through a simplified remote and a set-top box, A-Vu Media is challenging the complexity of multimedia access and leading the way for its customers to remain independent, yet fully connected to loved ones, care providers and the entertainment content they enjoy without the frustration of complex menus and tiny controls with too many buttons.